Saturday, 16 April 2011

Budapest Zoo


I remember this was a blistering hot day, my feet were raw from three days of walking and I hadn't had anything decent to drink in hours but it was still a great day at the zoo. The centre of the zoo is occupied by a huge duck pond surrounded by heron trees and fighting fowl, there are dozens of reptile houses and an impressive bat enclosure. We wandered around the animals for hours and peeked in at the newborns in the animal hospital. There was a completely darkened spider and insect room that I couldn't bring myself to go into - imagine turning the lights off in a room like that.

On the way to see the giraffes I found this display, I assume it has been knocked over but I love the fact that noone has fixed it and by the looks of it it's been like this for some time, it's insane.


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