Friday, 25 February 2011

I Saw This: Never Let Me Go

Subtle and subdued, Never Let Me Go deals with the quiet repression of three young friends as they grow up at a vaguely sinister boarding school and into a strangely familiar, yet all together different, Britain. Throughout there are hints of an unsaid fear; people are reluctant to approach them and they are not allowed outside of their school boundaries. Their world is isolated and cut off from everyone else. When the true horror of their situation is revealed it is uncomplainingly accepted and on they trudge.

It is visually beautiful with muted colours and bleak weather and an ageless quality that could just as easily be the present or 50 years before. The big thing that lets it down is the way in which they completely, obediently submit to their fate is never explained. They don’t put up any kind of fight. But perhaps that’s the point, maybe that’s where their humanity is lost and the quiet fear that rumbles under the surface is realised.

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