Saturday, 25 June 2011

That's A Bingo

Masquerading as a Gala Bingo hall in Tooting is Britain's only Grade 1 listed cinema, The Granada. I've walked past this place hundreds of time, little knowing that behind the grand old Art Deco exterior lay a mock ornamental cathedral, hall of mirrors and enough seats for 3000 people. I wish I'd brought a proper camera now.


While there we signed up for a game of bingo. You'd think it would be easy but they just go straight into the game without any warning so we missed out a ton of numbers and our laughing was met with a stern telling off from the caller! We soon shut up and paid attention when we realised the next game was for £10,000. Neither of us won anything but at one point I was one little 18 away from a full house.

18, you failed me.


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